Schlösser is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of heating accessories. Our flagship products are: thermostatic heads and thermostatic valves for many types of radiators, offered in various colours and textures. Schlösser heating accessories are a perfect choice for everyone willing to make their radiators original and energy efficient as well. more

Cassette RTL combi valve for underfloor heating

It enables control of temperatrure in the room and in underfloor heating instalation at the same time.

Square Series - radiator sets

Square Duoplex Sets and Square Radiator Sets complement the existing range. They are available in straight, angle and side angle pattern; in sets with compression connectors for Copper, PEX, Steel pipes.

Duo-plex 6020, 3/4x3/4 version

In Duo-plex 3/4x3/4 connections to the installation pipes as well as to the radiator are exactly the same if it’s about the shape and dimensions.

Surface Sensor Thermostatic Heads

Thermostatic heads used for underfloor heating and water heaters.

Elegant Mini side angle thermostatic valves

Valves have the same connection to the installation and to the radiator, which gives the possibility to change the compression connector with the tailpiece.

Compression connector for PE-Xc and PE-Xc / Al / PE 17x2,75

Compression connector for connecting plastic multilayer (PE-Xc and PE-Xc / Al / PE - 17x2,75) central heating system pipes with Schlosser valves with external M22x1,5 connection thread.

Remote Sensor Heads

Thermostatic head with remote sensor

Cassette temperature limiter RTL with MINI RTL head

Used for heating medium temperature limiting in an underfloor heating system pipe.