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Remote Sensor Heads

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Remote Sensor Heads

Brillant and Diamant heads over the years have gained a reputation on the market. On the basis of the popular series Schlosser has created:

Thermostatic head with remote sensor.

When those heads are used the room temperature is monitored via a 2 m capillary tube connected to the sensing element which can be mounted in a convenient and temperature representative area of the room.

It’s particularly useful when it becomes difficult or impossible for the standard TRV valve to sense air temperature correctly, such as behind furniture or curtains, in wall recess or under wide window sill.

Technical specification:

Head connections:

M30x 1.5

Length of the capillary tube:


Plastic housing of the sensor: height 96mm, width 24/35 mm, depth 29,5mm (in case of vertical montage).

Setting range:

with shut-off setting: from 0°C to 28°C


without shut-off setting: from 8°C to 30°C

Thermostatic heads incorporate the range locking and limiting feature.

Maximum operating temperature:


Maximum storage temperature:




Closing time:

18 min

Maximum heating medium temperature:


Differential pressure influence:

< 0,4K

Heating medium temperature influence:

< 0,5K