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Surface Sensor Thermostatic Heads

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Surface Sensor Thermostatic Heads

Thermostatic heads used for underfloor heating and water heaters. Room temperature is monitored here via a 2 m capillary tube connected to the sensing element.

Location and a proper montage of the surface sensor have an important influence on factually reached temperature.

It’ s recommended to:
- place the sensor directly in the air flow
- fix the sensor to the pipe surface with use of plastic stripes or directly to the water heater through the sealed sensor socket.

Technical specification:

Head connections:

M30x 1.5

Length of the capillary tube:


Scale 20 30 40 50 60
Temperature 20°C 30°C 40°C 50°C 60°C

Thermostatic heads incorporate the range locking and limiting feature.

Maximum operating temperature:


Maximum storage temperature:




Closing time:

18 min

Maximum heating medium temperature:


Differential pressure influence:

< 0,4K

Heating medium temperature influence:

< 0,5K