Schlösser is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of heating accessories. Our flagship products are: thermostatic heads and thermostatic valves for many types of radiators, offered in various colours and textures. Schlösser heating accessories are a perfect choice for everyone willing to make their radiators original and energy efficient as well. more

Thermostatic heads

Thermostatic heads are Schlösser flagship products. We offer them in variety of patterns and colours which is uncommon for what other manufacturers...

Standard Series Valves

Standard series includes thermostatic, lockshield and manual regulation radiator valves as well as connection fittings for compact radiators

Standard radiator sets

Standard sets includes thermostatic, lockshiled valves and thermostatic heads.

Exclusive valves

Exclusive valves are a reply for a need to effectively connect decorative bathroom valves with the central heating installation. Distinguishing...

Exclusive bathroom sets

Variety of products in the range of exclusive bathroom sets gives a possibility to match heating installation elements with a particular room...

Programmable radiator thermostat

Schlösser electronic head is a programmable thermostat that regulates radiators’ work .It’s easy to montage, handle, and may be used universally

Underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating is a low temperature, accumulative heating system. Properly planned, made and used guarantees constant temperature and room...

Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary fittings enable proper connection of various household appliances to the water installation


Accesories are indispensable elements of every heating installation. This group includes: valve inserts, 1/2x3/4 connectors, eurocones, compression...

Product Painting

Times of white colour domination on the heating market have already gone down in history. Today people all around the world are making...