Tell Certyficate

The Tell certificate was granted for Standard thermostatic valves and Diamant series heads received the TELL * certificate

The products obtained the energy label with the efficiency class II **, which proves that they can contribute to significant energy savings in heating systems.

The energy labeling system complements the European tests of compliance of thermostatic valves with the EN 215 standard. Compliance with the industry standard is verified on the basis of tests performed only by accredited laboratories.

* Among the objectives of the European energy policy, there is a strong trend to optimize the existing and configuration of new heating systems, taking into account their energy-efficient operation.

Particular emphasis is placed on increasing the awareness of individual consumers and supporting their pro-ecological choices through education and clear information tools. In response to this need, TELL was created - a simple, independent, neutral energy efficiency labeling system that can be used by all buyers. Labels for thermostatic valves are awarded by the European Manufacturers Association EUnited Valves at the request of the manufacturer. The classification is voluntary and open, based on the applicable scheme:

** Energy label - a label containing information about the energy class and basic parameters of the device, e.g. energy consumption, noise level. Such a label enables the consumer to compare different devices.

Energy efficiency classes - are assigned to a scale consisting of numbers from I to VI, where class I means the most efficient device, and class VI the least effective. They are determined from the ratio of the annual energy consumption of a given device to the standard energy consumption of this type of device, defined in the relevant regulations.