Schlösser is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of heating accessories. Our flagship products are: thermostatic heads and thermostatic valves for many types of radiators, offered in various colours and textures. Schlösser heating accessories are a perfect choice for everyone willing to make their radiators original and energy efficient as well. more
grzałka elektryczna

Electric heating element with spiral cable

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Electric heating element with spiral cable


Electric heating element with microprocessor thermostat designed to be mounted in the bathroom and for decorative radiators.

The towel warmer equipped with an electric heating element can serve as an electric dryer or hybrid combining to the electric dryer and standard radiator connected to the central heating. Due to intuitive operation the device programming is simple and user – friendly.

    • 4 range of temperature regulation from 30°C to 60°
    • dryer mode
    • timer „2 h back” – after 2 h heater will return to the factory settings
    • timer „2 h off” – after 2 h heater will automatically switched off
    • two – level overheating protection
    • ultra-low-power mode
    • ANTIFREEZE mode
    • intelligent technology of working system - microprocessor control
    • intelligent technology of working system - visualisation in LED technology
    • possibility of rotates controller from 0o to 330o.
Colours of thermostats
  • chrome – galvanic metallization
  • white – coloured in mass
  • black – coloured in mass
Technical parameters  
  • nominal voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
  • insulation class: Class I
  • ingress protection class: IPX4
Types of connection
  • spiral cable with plug-in
  • Power: 300W, 600W, 800W