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kasetowy zawór kombi

Cassette RTL combi valve for underfloor heating

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Cassette RTL combi valve for underfloor heating

It enables control of temperatrure in the room and in underfloor heating instalation at the same time.

Consists of flush-mounted cassette with thermostatic valve and temperature limiter valve (RTL) inside. On the thermostatic valve thermostatic head from series Brillant or Diamant is mounted. On the RTL valve RTL head is seated.

Thermostatic valve reacts on changes in room temperature and RTL valve ensures control of heating medium temperature in underfloor heating pipe system.

The valve incorporates two connection ends with external G ¾ connection thread compatible with Schlosser 6025 00001 Cu 15x1 and 6026 00001 16x2 PEX compression connectors. The valve has the air vent for the manual ventilation.

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