Schlösser is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of heating accessories. Our flagship products are: thermostatic heads and thermostatic valves for many types of radiators, offered in various colours and textures. Schlösser heating accessories are a perfect choice for everyone willing to make their radiators original and energy efficient as well. more
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Double H-Valve with mini Diamant thermostatic head for a V-type radiator

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Double H-Valve with mini Diamant thermostatic head for a V-type radiator

The chrome set includes a mini Diamant thermostatic head and a double Standard connection for V-type radiators.

Connection fittings are used for connecting compact radiators provided with 50 mm connections to the central heating system. They enable individual shut off or replacement of radiator without draining the system.

H valves have integral lockshield valves which give a possibility to cut–off particular radiator during exploitation or radiator replacement with no necessity to turn off the whole installation and without draining the system.

D=50 mm. Connection 3/4x3/4 with gasket.

The thermostatic head of the mini Diamant series is designed for installation on thermostatic valves as well as on valve inserts intended for installation in a V-type radiator. In a set with a thermostatic valve or valve insert, they regulate the temperature in the room by changing the flow of the heating medium through the radiator.