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Thermostatic head DIAMANT DZ

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Product description:

Thermostatic Heads are Schlösser's flagship product.

We offer them in a variety of forms and colors, not available at other manufacturers. Our offer meets all market requirements, regardless of the technical specifications of a particular heating installation or design preferences.

Głowice termostatyczne serii DZ przystosowane są do montażu na wkładkach termostatycznych Danfoss RA – N.

Sprawdź również głowicę Brillant DZ!

Available finishes


product Code color connection head type additional info
white RA-N
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Symbols used:


STANDARD product group, defined by the discounting method. The group includes a basic assortment (competitive prices, standard finishes, availability).

EXCLUSIVE line of products defined by the discounting method. The group includes a non-standard assortment (sophisticated finishes, colors, goods for special orders, higher price range).

RAL colours and structural finishes are available.

Arrows indicating supply and return configuration.


Valve/kit connection diagram.


Compatible with all Schlösser valves as well as other valves and inserts with M30x1.5 connection and 11.5 mm closing dimension.

Compatible with Herz valves.

Compatible with Danfoss RTD-N valves and inserts with RTD-N connection.

Compatible with Comap valves.

Compatible with Danfoss RA-N valves and inserts with RA-N connection.

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